Thursday, 25 February 2010

Illy Nilly - Ditching the doodles

Right, so... I'm embarking on a new direction.

I've been a serial 'doodler' for about a year now, over which time I've developed an effective process for off-the-cuff, freestyle doodles (which you can see here ) The process is pretty simple, draw some thick lined shapes on a page, fill in with a finer line & some faces & hey presto! Sometimes they end up digitally coloured or manipulated in some way but the basic process remains the same.

The problem I've started to recognise is that I don't actually like the style or final result of these pieces very much and that perhaps the process is actually a lazy and ultimately ungratifying one. That's why I've taken the decision to stop the 'doodling' go back to the start and work towards making the kind of work I'd actually like to own & can be proud of.

I've decided to set up this little blog to document all of the trials and tribulations of developing a new style from scratch, learning to draw! and discovering new processes. I'll be using it to record all the stuff that doesn't work out and hopefully some that does... ie baring my illustrator soul.

While being quite a personal undertaking, I'm hoping there will be people who find it useful to see someone else struggling :) - or you can always stop by to have a laugh at the crappy bits.


  1. i've been trying to relearn a new style of drawing/illustrating of late so i'll be interested to see how you are doing a similar thing. good luck!

  2. Awesome!!

    I don't have your level.

  3. Jeremy - sure you do!

    Thanks Matt - I might tap you up for an interview in the near future then :P

  4. good luck!! I will be following your journey.....just let me know if you fancy trying some sorta animated collab!


  5. well, i'm looking forward to following your process... i do love my 'one of the last ones' doodle though, just have to finish a couple of things before i let my hands play with it :)

  6. Know that feeling dude - love the new blog and looking forward to seeing how it pans out. PS Willy Nilly ;-) that's what google suggested I was looking for haha!