Friday, 26 February 2010

And so it begins...

Hmm... where to start?

When I think of the illustration work that I truly love, just before I fall asleep at night (I'm not the only one!), it's classic & retro-flavoured work that makes my brain smile - Stephan Britt, Marc Boutavant, Meg Hunt...

So it makes sense that as a starting point and I've made a couple of pieces in the past that hinted at that direction.

Merry merry

I've got a couple of ideas for full blown pieces but at the moment I'm focussing on trying drawing techniques that will convey the 'charm' I want to get into my work.

I spent half hour drawing with an ink pen just for fun - It ran out of ink but I really like the 'dry brush' effect on some of these bits.... hits & misses...gulp.

I think I like the snooty sister :)


  1. I know I'm going to find this fascinating! What a great idea to start a blog to document your journey/experiments. I wish you the best of luck - enjoy it! :)

  2. hi - found your blog via twitter! Love this idea for a blog. Can I suggest something? If you love drawing and you want to try and find a new style, why not just start by getting a sketchbook and go out and draw things that interest you. I teach illustration as well and a lot of my students are really concerned about getting their "style", and I think that it is something that develops over time and is a reflection of your personality, and likes and dislikes.
    It would be great to see you go back to basics with some observational drawing and see what happens - maybe you can develop your new "true' style from that?

  3. Hey Jill, thanks :) - You're exactly right, I'm not that worried about getting a set style - mine was quite distinct!, but maybe that was the problem :) I guess I've decided to start from scratch to really push myself in other directions, to make the kid of work I really love....

    Yeah, 'drawing' will be a big part of that... I'm aiming to be more conscious of what I'm putting down on paper rather than the 'automatic' style of the doodles I've been doing...

    Thanks again ü