Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Just a few sketches I squeezed out yesterday. I'm unsure what to work on at the moment, I might do some more sketches? I think I'm a bit intimidated by how long the last one took to do so I'm finding difficult to pick one to do...

This last "Fries attacked by mayo" one is the most fully formed - I've had this idea for ages but it's still leaving me unsatisfied... Anyway, I'll see what the evening brings :)


  1. oooh I like the bus one...reminds me of the catbus in totoro (best public transport in film ever)

  2. I'm loving the dude in the car :-D

  3. Ta Lesley :) - I'm gonna use that one I think... love Catbus!

    Rich - fanks bro - I've started vectoring him & he looking noice :)

  4. Cool - looking forward to seeing him pull up.