Thursday, 11 March 2010

Moving swiftly on

What a saga! Given the style experiment and timing I can't say I'm surprised.

So, this illustration has been one of the most involved & time consuming pieces I've made to date, what with the false starts and process experiments and figuring out the best way to work to end up with something that would work as a screenprint...

I finally got her finished today, at a point where I felt happy with the feel & that it would work as an ace screen print. I sent it off to the guys who wanted the screen print... Half hour later I read the email containing the line 'expecting a doodle piece' !! Ouch that hurt... but to be honest they were brilliant about it... just crossed wires/bad communication. I guess it's my fault, I should have known that's what they were expecting... I was just hoping they'd love this too!

After all of that work it won't now be printed - realistically though I've learnt loads trying to get this ready, so it's not all baaaad... :)

The piece itself I'm really happy with. I ended up compositing loads of hand drawn linework scans in photoshop and added some Wacom stuff drawn straight in. The colour palette was a happy accident - I was playing with channels and happened to turn of the Cyan channel and it gave me something like the final colours... Ding! "I'll keep that" :) The other thing is, I'm now pretty confident that I can set up stuff properly for screenprinting, so a whole new world might open up... onwards.